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4 Serviced Office Space Rental Tips in 2016/2017

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2016

4 Serviced Office Space Rental Tips

Serviced Office Space Rental Tips for your business

There are a whole range of reasons that should make you consider a serviced office space rental for your business in 2016/2017.

Whether you are a boutique service provider or a core professional services firm, you will see the benefits of the serviced offices route and the need to consider exploring this option deeper, based on the following four reasons:


The Pressure of Office Infrastructure is taken away

Getting an office put together and made ready for use can be an issue and a draining one at that. However, serviced office costs are manageable, and this means that you have no need to bother about the logistics of an office or how to ensure cleaning, arrangement of office fixtures and organise space management.

Serviced Offices - A Cost Effective Solution

All you will have to do is assemble your work team, allocate the space they need to them and get down to work. When all these are taken care of, you only need to ensure that your core functions get carried out as expected while all other things fall into place.


All utility bills are built into your terms of payment


All Amenities are in Place

Most serviced office space providers have a central bureau where secretarial roles have been made to take care of appointments and guest reception. The settlement of utility bills is built into your terms of payment so that you don't need to have direct links with the service provider at any level. Inexorably, you have no need for interface with public works departments and the time spent on such interface is avoided.

Serviced Office Amenities

There are also specific provisions for internet access in most serviced office spaces, and there is no need for any concern about arranging subscription to access the service as you can log on to the portal of your serviced office space rental with ease and flexibility.


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Your Desired Space is Available

Whether you are looking for executive office suites for rent or serviced office space to rent, your requirements are covered, and you can enjoy your desired service with no ado. The space you require might determine whether it is an executive office suite you want or just some temorary office space to rent for a short term project. Whether you work solely or have members in your team, knowing that you can be accommodated as you desire makes a whole world of difference.

Serviced Offices vs Conventional Offices


Some serviced office brands are global providers meaning you can their facilities across the world


You Have the Advantage of a Global Spread

Some of the larger serviced office brands are global providers and their facilities can be accessed in many cities across the world. Others have linkages with providers in other countries, such that whether you travel or decide to take time out abroad, you can continue to have the compliment of an office wherever you choose.


The availability of serviced office space rental for your business also means that, you can use postal addresses across the globe; assuring that your business mail is safe and well attended to while you traverse the world for business. It also means that you have access to the same accessible amenities available by your serviced office provider.


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Search our UK flexible work-space locations today

Some of our popular locations include:

Birmingham     Liverpool     Manchester     Wolverhampton


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