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Solihull has high-quality serviced office space available in various locations within the town. At Commercial Property Broker we specialise in helping individual businesses find locations that add value to the company. You tell us what you’re searching for and we sift through the details of available properties until we hit the one that’s best for your business.

Serviced office space in Solihull town centre or on a modern business spark provides you with lots of flexibility. There’s no need to worry about putting in place things like phone-lines, internet connections, security arrangements or hiring maintenance contractors. That’s all taken care of. And leases are short-term, so you can easily move on if you need to upsize.

This makes managed offices ideal for young companies in particular. Solihull is packed with small start-ups and new knowledge-based ventures in sectors like digital media, software development and creative design. Companies in the town enjoy a highly-skilled local workforce and business infrastructure like the nearby NEC.

Get the right location in Solihull and you’ll find clients and contacts easier to come by in the future. Neighbouring companies in serviced offices often turn out to be useful contacts to have. In Solihull there are hundreds of square feet of office space available on the Warwick Road in the town centre and in Mell Square. On Solihull Business Park office sizes reach up to 50,000 square feet, and at Blythe Valley Business Park you’ll find an innovation centre on-site to help new companies.